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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (January 2007)

January 2007 was a very productive month for several projects in Downtown Raleigh. A larger crane was placed in the RBC Plaza site, the underground parking deck at the Marriott Hotel and Site 1 continued to move along fast and some major progress was made at the Bloomsbury Estates and 222 Glenwood. Some preliminary work was done at the West At North site and one of the older houses on The Glen At Peace lot was finally moved away to another location.

RBC Plaza: That crane looks great from every angle. Its height will be boosted every few months, in order to accommodate the increasing height of the tower.

Site 1: Technically, groundbreaking has not yet taken place, but the underground parking deck must be finished first.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): Same like Site 1. However, significant progress for the underground parking deck on this side was made due to earlier start of construction work - we should see the hotel rising in a few months.

Quorum Center: Outstanding work was done on this pioneer project. A major success story, particularly now that Quorum Center approaches completion with all the office space leased and 85% of the residential units sold.

West At North: Only preparation work was done, but we should not be far from the actual groundbreaking.

Convention Center: No surprises here. The new convention center is moving very fast, much like the good news concerning the impressive number of early reservations for shows and conventions.

Bloomsbury Estates: Lightning fast is the proper term for this project's progress.

222 Glenwood: After a few bumps soon after the groundbreaking, this project moved forward at a more satisfactory pace. Look forward for the February 2007 update photos, in a few weeks.

Palladium Plaza: The nearly finished side looks much better than most people anticipated. Another success story for Downtown Raleigh. Still, I wish it was at least another 3-4 stories taller.

Carlton Place:

The Glen On Peace