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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (May 2007)

I will start again with a view of the skyline, as seen from the Boylan Ave Bridge. We do not see any major changes, but in 2-3 months the skyline will look a little denser and a bit larger.

RBC Plaza: Almost feels like little progress was made, but the parking deck levels always take more time than the regular floors. The first photo was taken earlier last month.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): Truly fast moving!!! Too bad it will only be 17 floors The first three photos are from earlier last month.

West At North: Some progress is evident.

Convention Center: The exterior is slowly being installed.

Bloomsbury Estates: For some reasons, this project feels a bit stagnant but it's not stalled. Sales have been strong, before even this project broke ground. For those who wonder, the 7th floor will look like a "roof", which means we should see one more level.

222 Glenwood: For a project that had such a slow start, it moves pretty fast!!! Frame construction is slowly moving to the northern side of the lot.

Palladium Plaza: Finally we can see a lot of brick covering the exterior. Constant progress, but much of it must be in the interior. My guess, the northern wing will be completed first.

712 Tucker: Not much progress in this construction site, but nevertheless some movement is visible every time I pass by. Actually, preliminary work is being done.

Progress Plaza North (aka Block "B"): Lots of progress, as the demolition crews are preparing for the first component of this project: the parking deck.

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