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Last update: December 12, 2007

Late again, but this time for a few good reasons

A few months ago I admitted to you that I have been doing a lousy job keeping RaleighMSA.com up to date, and that my effort to keep you informed as best as I can on the urban development in our area was not dead. Many of you were not only patient, but kind enough to send me emails, inquiring on my whereabouts and asking for the status of this web page.

Luckily, I am still here, alive and well, and very much involved in what is happening in our metropolitan area. For reasons I explain below, this web page moved to the back burner, but the things done behind the scenes were still taken place. For instance, construction update photos were taken during the previous months and will be included in the planned archive section. Here is what took place during the period when updates didn't appear:

I expect no forgiveness for neglecting my web site, and consequently all of you who visit it often, but I am now back on the right track and I hope to deliver the new version of my web site soon.

What's new?

The level of activity in Raleigh, during the last few months, certainly exceeded my expectations. Wherever I go today there is activity in every level. Here is an overview of all major items RaleighMSA.com will present in this latest update. Keep in mind that the News section will be updated at a later time.